What are teenagers up to these days?

February 11, 2009

Apparently, the answer is blackmailing each other into performing homosexual acts.

No really, this is a head-scratcher if I’ve ever heard one.  I graduated High School (in Milwaukee, WI) in 2000, and I don’t consider today’s teenage culture much different than that with which I grew up.  Sure they have even more vapid Hollywood reality show personalities that they worship, and they have greater access to the latest gossip and papparazi photos than I did due to the blogging craze, but all-in-all, I never thought it’s very different.  However, I digress.

Back in November, New Berlin High School and Middle School (in New Berlin, WI) received bomb threats and were forced to close.  During the resulting investigation, Police discovered the following reason why parents should be very, very mindful of just exactly what their kids are doing on Facebook…

New Berlin – Describing a pattern of manipulation and deception using the social networking site Facebook, the Waukesha County district attorney today announced sexual assault charges against a New Berlin Eisenhower student who authorities say coerced male students into sexual encounters.

Anthony R. Stancl, 18, posing as a female on Facebook, persuaded at least 31 boys to send him naked pictures and then blackmailed some of the boys into performing sex acts under the threat that the pictures would be released to the rest of the high school, authorities say.

Shocking to say the least.  This deviant blackmailed his own fellow students into performing sexual acts on him.  The article goes on to reveal that these actions purportedly took place on school grounds, the public library restroom, public parks, and even in the victims’ homes.

Here’s why I don’t get.  Why didn’t these kids just kick his ass?  I mean seriously, is it more humiliating to have nude photos exposed to your high school classmates than it is to be blackmailed into giving another dude a BJ, or worse??  Allright, maybe that’s inappropriate language, even for the moronosphere, but seriously, these kids obviously weren’t ashamed enough to take the nude pictures and send them out in the first place.  Didn’t it occur to them that even if it really was a girl they were talking to, what would prevent her from distrubuting the pictures in the same way?

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Need a Limo? Please, use these guys

October 9, 2008

This is not an advertising blog.  I don’t currently pull enough visitors to have ads on this site.  However, I want to do everything I can to advertise for Any Time Limo in Addison, IL.  Naturally, you want to know why.

Yesterday, an article appeared in the Chicago Tribune about Leonel Cesar, a driver for Any Time Limo, and his recent encounter with some High School students who rented his limo for their Homecoming night.  The article explains the course of events.

Limousine driver Leonel Cesar says he was just doing his job when he called police to report that a group of Highland Park teenagers tried to smuggle booze into his “party bus” on homecoming night.

One of the North Shore teens offered Cesar money to look the other way, told him that a paper bag containing liquor “was none of his business” and begged him not to call parents, police said.

At first glance, it seems like a fairly straight-forward story.  The Limo driver does the right thing, and calls the parents first, and then the police after being unable to get in touch with the parents.  The kids beg and plead him not to do it, even offering bribes. All together, a non-story really.  However, things do get a bit interesting.

The recent evening ended with 13 underage drinking citations and a slew of angry parents—some directing their wrath at Any Time Limo in Addison. One threatened to sue, saying the driver should not have involved police, said Alex Mich, the company’s general manager.

Growing up, my father was a teacher at a nearby private High School.  Not only was he just a teacher, but he also happened to be one of the few who actually enforced the various rules such as eating in the hallways, dress code, checking students for hall passes, etc. etc.  A real stick-in-the-mud if you asked most students.  However, he was consistent and fair. He was also easy to avoid.  Just make sure you’re not eating when he walks by and you’d be fine.  He didn’t purposefully walk the hallways just to bust students breaking rules.  It was part of his job.

The reaction of some of these parents is absolutely disgusting. Let’s not even consider the fact taht both students AND parents were forewarned that drinking, smoking, and sex are not allowed in the limo. 

Mr. Cesar has a job. I’m not a lawyer, nor do I know every single law in Illinois, but I feel fairly confident in saying that he would have been held responsible if something would have happened to these kids while they were intoxicated.  The same parents who are threatening to sue, are also the same parents who would run to their lawyers to blame Mr. Cesar for not watching over their kids and making sure they didn’t drink.  What he did was responsible and smart.  If anything, Mr. Cesar was just covering his ass.  Had he not said anything and one of these kids died from alchohol poisoning, it’d be the parents and public screaming at Mr. Cesar, blaming him for just standing by when he saw the kids drinking.  THEN it would have been his responsibility to stop them.  Mr. Cesar’s life and future would be ruined and the kid would still be dead. Hypocrits.

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