Maybe This Is Hypocritical But…

April 1, 2009

I consider myself technologically up-to-date, but this is further than I want to go with my “techno-hipness”.  I’m talking about Twitter.

Now, I’m not going to bother explaining this here, as I feel this video expresses my feelings completely.

Now, I’m only saying this is possibly hypocrtical because as I see it, isn’t blogging similar?  I’m here, typing out my thoughts and feelings on various topics to those of you who read.  Some of you might add this site to your favorites and are therefore “following”  me like you would with Twitter.

I guess really the difference is that I can make much longer posts on a blog, whereas Twitter is limited to 140 characters (I believe).  Furthermore, like the video says, Twitter is mainly used for updating people on your current activities/thoughts, not for writing lengthy political analysis or long angry rants.

Perhaps if I started posting my current thoughts/activities, this site would see a lot more updates.  Then again, I’m trying to reach a larger audience here, and is anyone really that interested in what I’m eating for lunch, or happen to be thinking at any moment in time?  Trust me, you don’t want to get into my head, it’s painfully boring in there.


BREAKING: Iraqi Journalist throws shoes at President Bush

December 14, 2008

Who throws a shoe? Honestly?

Apparently Iraqi journalists. MSNBC has the video for this, and you can see the President did a nice job of dodging the projectiles. Afterwards, when asked for a comment, Bush just said, “All I know is that they were a size 10”.

Looks like America is having a bigger affect on Iraq than we realized.  Now even their mainstream media is taking after our own.  Although, I would hope our American journalists would be able to hit an unsuspecting target from 12 feet away.

Baconblogging: Rice Krispie and Bacon Treats

December 2, 2008

While this is definitely an odd recipie, I’m not skeptical what-so-ever about its tastyness.  It’s got that whole salty-sweet thing working for it, and I’m considering bringing these to my employer’s little holiday pot-luck event.  If anything, I’ll get to keep them all for myself.

mmmm, baconmallow

mmmm, baconmallow

However, I completely reject the idea that this marshmallowy-bacony treat belongs on a blog for “ridiculous food”.  As we all know, bacon is serious business.

Chameleofabulous (edited & updated)

November 25, 2008

Meant to put up a post reviewing this weekends Moronapalooza, but I got a bit bogged down between work, planning a move, and planning a trip to visit family for the holidays.  It’ll go up tomorrow, I promise.

In the meantime, here’s a confession.  I laughed at this clip for almost its entire duration.  The sad thing is, it’s just a video of a Gecko Chameleon crossing a road, with some music attached.  Yet…still funny.  I’m already hearing the baby-boomers weeping for my generation of conservatives…

UPDATE: One astute reader (who must have gone to college or something) has corrected me and pointed out that it’s not a Gecko but a Chameleon.  However, I’d also like to inform this reader that “Geckofabulous” was the description of the original video I embedded, so nyah-nyah-nyah or something…

Iowahawk strikes again…

November 21, 2008

The best satirical writer in the moronosphere, Iowahawk, puts up a great review for the new car rolling off the Congressional Motors assembly line in 2012.

I’m not even going to bother quoting it here, just go there and give him the traffic (all 2 or 3 of you).

Oh, he’ll also be making an appearance at the Chicago Moronapalooza.  As if you needed any more motivation to come out tomorrow night.

The Good Casualties of a Faltering Economy

November 14, 2008

I picked this up from the sidebar at Ace’s, but I thought that it’s an event that is much too too glorious to simply cover with a link and single line of text.

With the economic downturn we’ve seen, many companies have been going under.  The recent string of banking institution failures has now been joined by the domestic auto industry.  However, not all company failures are bad, some can actually be good.  Take for example, the company created by the spawn of Satan himself, also known as Crocs Inc.

Quarterly sales dropped 32% to $174 million.

The company expects to lose between 50 and 65 cents a share in the fourth quarter on sales of up to $120 million. whose first shoe hit the market five years ago, is writing off excess sandal inventory, slashing its spending budget by 50%, and shuttering its Brazil plant. It shut down a factory in Canada earlier this year.


Yes, yes, I can already hear your whining…”b-b-but, they are sooooo comfortable!”.  Sorry, I don’t care.  There’s no excuse for wearing something so absolutely hideous on your feet. To conciously decide to wear a shoe that looks like it was puked up by a troop of drunk clowns, thrown into a mold, and had a price sticker slapped on it, is morally wrong.  It’s a borderline crime against humanity.  I’d include a picture of the shoes, but that’d be cruel and unusual, and I don’t support that kind of sick twisted imagery on my blog.

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Chicago: New Bacon Capital of the Midwest?

November 11, 2008

I don’t know if that can be claimed yet, but in all the post-election drama I missed seeing Lisa Donovan decend from the heavens and deliver this article in the Chicago Sun-Times.

As every good moron knows, bacon is the food of the gods.  It comes in many forms, all of them delicious.  One of my favorite blogs, doubleplusundead, seems to have the conservative blog market cornered when it comes to all things bacon, however, this juicy, crispy, tasty little news morsel somehow slipped through their greasy little fingers.

First there was Wendy’s “Baconator,” two quarter-pound burgers topped off with six strips of bacon. Hot ‘n’ juicy indeed.

Then J&D’s smoky Bacon Salt, billed as delivering the flavor without the fat, the frying or the filthy kitchen, hit the shelves of Meijer, Jewel and other area grocery stores in September.

And this month, we saw the unveiling of breaded, deep-fried bacon — dressed in country gravy — at Risque Cafe in Lake View

The first two paragraphs were enough to have my mouth watering, but I just about called my boss and told him I suddenly came down with a case of ebola after I read the last part.  Oh, and yes folks, there is a picture…

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