Demand, Supply

October 27, 2009

Alright, so it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  Although I’m not sure that really matters since it’s going to be a while before anyone realizes I’ve posted something new here anyway.

To get this “new age” of CinC kicked off, I present to you this little diddy that I found via Greg Mankiw’s blog.  Apparently someone found his textbook worthy of writing a little rap song about.  Listen closely to the lyrics, as this is probably the most (or only?) educational rap song I’ve ever heard.

Rythm, Rhyme, Results – Supply, Demand


Moronapalooza; The Aftermath

November 26, 2008

I know this is a bit late getting out.  After this weekend’s revelry, I still had to start packing for my big move next week, and also pack for holiday travel to Michigan.  I hear they’re about to give out free money, so was gonna make sure I’m around for that.

The Chicago Moronapalooza was officially a huge success!!! There was a much bigger turnout than I ever expected! I ended up sending out the information to about 40 different email addresses.  A few people had told me they couldn’t make it, but I was still planning around having 15 or so morons in attendance.  By our best estimates, anywhere from 30 to 40 morons showed up through the course of the night, including other bloggers, and even a celebrity or two (thanks Iowahawk!)

It was great to be around a large group of people in a public place, and not be afraid to let the conversation stumble across politics every now and again.  I hate being out at a larger social function, or being around people I’m not entirely close friends with, because I often find I have to keep my mouth shut (a rather difficult task for me, to say the least) in order to keep the peace.  It’s especially hard when all I’m hearing is the media talking points and false accusations (did you hear Palin had an affair with her husband’s friend?).

This is definitely something everyone seemed to really enjoy, or so they told me when they left (maybe they were just being polite).  I’m planning on hosting another, probably falling on the weekend before the inauguration, which I think would make it Saturday, Jan 17th.  I’ll keep everyone posted.  If any of you morons stumble across or into a place you might think would make a good location, let me know!  We could also have a small group of us get together on a random weekend to scout out future locations as well, I’m open to suggestions as always.

Anyway.  Here’s a few pictures that were sent to me after the fact (thanks to IP and TastyBeverage!!).  For safety reasons, no one will be identified.

Pictures below the fold…

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So…this is it.

November 3, 2008

In about 16 hours I’ll be casting my meaningless vote for President this year.  I wonder if it’s any more exciting to vote in a swing-state?  Perhaps I’ll never know. However, there are several good candidates up for various other positions here in Illinois, so I can take comfort knowing that I probably affect those elections.

Sorry it’s been over two weeks since my last post.  Things have gotten busy in “real-life” for me.  I will be moving out of the city in the next month or so, and I’ve been pondering whether or not I can still call this “conservative in the city” if I’m technically not IN the city, but I figure still living in the Chicago area counts.  I just won’t be as frequently exposed to the liberal residents of Chicago as often, and I’ll actually be able to put up a pro-Republican election sign without fearing my windows being smashed or some other kind of vandalism.

Back on topic.  Don’t be fooled by the polls and mainstream media claiming this election is in the bag.  I don’t need to tell most of you that things are terribly skewed in the news coverage, especially this year.

This election is about the base.  This election is about turnout.  No amount of undecided voters or independants will win this election for McCain.  We (as conservatives) need to get each other fired up, and we need to do everythign we can to get every other conservative we know out to the polls tomorrow.  I sincerely believe that this is still a center-right nation, however, it’s not going to remain that way for long if Obama wins.

Do your civic duty.  Go out and vote, and don’t let anything be an excuse for not exercising the right that so many people have fought (and died) for.


August 21, 2008

Yes yes, I know it’s been two weeks since my last post.  I’m new to the blogosphere and it’s taken a while to get in the habit of balancing my “real life” and all my hobbies and passions with this blog.  As the loyal few readers of the site, I need to make sure I dedicate myself to providing content every other day.  So please, bear with me as I’m still learning, and if any of you experienced bloggers out there have some advice, it’s definitely welcome.

There also will be times when I just get a little sick of politics (don’t we all?) and that too has contributed to my lack of posts.  I’ll have to make sure I keep you coming back with non-political things like DPUD does with Ninjas + Rollerskates = Epic Win! However, I stumbled upon something that really caught my interest and I’m writing the post right now.

We’re not in Kansas anymore…

August 4, 2008

So I had a post to put up today, but it’s been delayed as a tornado made its way through Chicago about an hour or so ago. Hopefully I’ll have it up here in a bit, but I’m working on two posts simultaneously. One for this blog, and another for a Detroit Lions blog I was asked to write (yeah, I’m a Detroit fan). I’ll put a link up to that one just for the heck of it later.

Anyway, I’ve always said I wanted to see a real-live tornado, but as things were happening today, I’ll admit, I was a bit scared. For a while there, my neighborhood was in the projected path of the thing and there was hard rain, hard wind, and literally several bolts of lighting PER SECOND. It seemed as if my apartment was surrounded by several large malfunctioning strobe lights. Kind of cool, but also kind of scary. Anyway, back to the salt mines…

Apologies, Apologies

July 23, 2008

This blogging stuff is hard work.  Things are getting more settled for me in my new job.  Hopefully I’ll get back to posting next week.  There hasn’t been that much I’ve found newsworthy that other blogs haven’t covered.  Extending this hiatus until next week.  Thanks for checking in.

Site News/Update

July 15, 2008

I just wanted to let you readers know, my schedule has changed recently.  It will be difficult for me to find time to blog in the coming week or two, wedding to go to, work, things getting hectic for a bit.  I will keep trying to post as frequently as I can find time, but I only plan on this being a temporary hiccup until I can find a healthy balance/schedule and things come on.