What are teenagers up to these days?

Apparently, the answer is blackmailing each other into performing homosexual acts.

No really, this is a head-scratcher if I’ve ever heard one.  I graduated High School (in Milwaukee, WI) in 2000, and I don’t consider today’s teenage culture much different than that with which I grew up.  Sure they have even more vapid Hollywood reality show personalities that they worship, and they have greater access to the latest gossip and papparazi photos than I did due to the blogging craze, but all-in-all, I never thought it’s very different.  However, I digress.

Back in November, New Berlin High School and Middle School (in New Berlin, WI) received bomb threats and were forced to close.  During the resulting investigation, Police discovered the following reason why parents should be very, very mindful of just exactly what their kids are doing on Facebook…

New Berlin – Describing a pattern of manipulation and deception using the social networking site Facebook, the Waukesha County district attorney today announced sexual assault charges against a New Berlin Eisenhower student who authorities say coerced male students into sexual encounters.

Anthony R. Stancl, 18, posing as a female on Facebook, persuaded at least 31 boys to send him naked pictures and then blackmailed some of the boys into performing sex acts under the threat that the pictures would be released to the rest of the high school, authorities say.

Shocking to say the least.  This deviant blackmailed his own fellow students into performing sexual acts on him.  The article goes on to reveal that these actions purportedly took place on school grounds, the public library restroom, public parks, and even in the victims’ homes.

Here’s why I don’t get.  Why didn’t these kids just kick his ass?  I mean seriously, is it more humiliating to have nude photos exposed to your high school classmates than it is to be blackmailed into giving another dude a BJ, or worse??  Allright, maybe that’s inappropriate language, even for the moronosphere, but seriously, these kids obviously weren’t ashamed enough to take the nude pictures and send them out in the first place.  Didn’t it occur to them that even if it really was a girl they were talking to, what would prevent her from distrubuting the pictures in the same way?

So I began to think, ok, maybe the victims are kids who are of smaller physical stature, maybe they don’t have many friends, and have tons of insecurity (which come to think of it, is probably more likely the case than not of most High School students).  Perhapse Stancl just targetted those kids who he figured would cave in to his demands.  Now, the article only mentions 7 victims (Stancl targetted 31 boys), but how many kids are out there who didn’t come forward?

Apparently Stancl even took pictures and video of the encounters as well.  This kid is seriously demented.  Not only that, but seriously fucking retarded.  I questioned before why the victims didn’t just kick the kid’s ass.  I’ll take it a step further.  What made Stancl think these kids wouldn’t bring a knife? Or a gun? Or maybe get the sudden urge to flex their jaw and…well, I’ll spare the visual.

The truly shocking part of this story to me is how many boys were actually complicit.  Furthermore, who knows how long Stancl could have gotten away with this? Remember, the only reason he was caught is because he was a complete idiot and called in a bomb threat to his school.

I don’t know what it is about kids these days, but perhaps Mr. Belling was right.  He said he might blame this on the emasculation of society that we’ve been seeing over the years.  Competition is bad.  Agressive behavior is to be repressed and punished at all times.  We can’t have any games where kids might be faced with someone bigger and stronger than they are.

Or perhaps this was a failure of the adults around these kids.  The victims felt they had no one to go to.  They didn’t go to their parents, their teachers, school counselors, or their friends.  Like I said, who knows how long this monster would have gotten away with his actions if he wasn’t a complete moron.

I don’t have any kids of my own, and I know that I’m not going to be able to keep track of them all the time, however, I hope that I have a close enough relationship with them that if they feel threatened enough, they’ll be able to come to me with anything.

(h/t: Mark Belling)


3 Responses to What are teenagers up to these days?

  1. Natalie says:

    I’m a teacher and at a high school and have heard some weird things; I think this might top them all though.

  2. tweeder says:

    I couldn’t help but laugh at the “kick his ass” comment. You raise a good point, what made these guys not take action to defend themselves. It is really an alarming statement about how much importance adolescents place on the opinion of their peer group. Even to the point of sexual favors on a dude.

  3. blackzaan says:

    And after my son had kicked the blackmailer’s ass I would have kicked my son’s ass for being STUPID and SICK enough to send naked pictures of himself to a stranger over the internet. Then I would have made my way to the local biker bar, got drunk, and picked a fight with some some big fcker who could kick MY ASS for being such a sorry excuse for a father!

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