Moronapalooza; The Aftermath

I know this is a bit late getting out.  After this weekend’s revelry, I still had to start packing for my big move next week, and also pack for holiday travel to Michigan.  I hear they’re about to give out free money, so was gonna make sure I’m around for that.

The Chicago Moronapalooza was officially a huge success!!! There was a much bigger turnout than I ever expected! I ended up sending out the information to about 40 different email addresses.  A few people had told me they couldn’t make it, but I was still planning around having 15 or so morons in attendance.  By our best estimates, anywhere from 30 to 40 morons showed up through the course of the night, including other bloggers, and even a celebrity or two (thanks Iowahawk!)

It was great to be around a large group of people in a public place, and not be afraid to let the conversation stumble across politics every now and again.  I hate being out at a larger social function, or being around people I’m not entirely close friends with, because I often find I have to keep my mouth shut (a rather difficult task for me, to say the least) in order to keep the peace.  It’s especially hard when all I’m hearing is the media talking points and false accusations (did you hear Palin had an affair with her husband’s friend?).

This is definitely something everyone seemed to really enjoy, or so they told me when they left (maybe they were just being polite).  I’m planning on hosting another, probably falling on the weekend before the inauguration, which I think would make it Saturday, Jan 17th.  I’ll keep everyone posted.  If any of you morons stumble across or into a place you might think would make a good location, let me know!  We could also have a small group of us get together on a random weekend to scout out future locations as well, I’m open to suggestions as always.

Anyway.  Here’s a few pictures that were sent to me after the fact (thanks to IP and TastyBeverage!!).  For safety reasons, no one will be identified.

Pictures below the fold…


I don't think this sign is up-to-date, but if it was, we were definitely pushing the limits. We might have felt a little cramped at times, but overall I think everyone had a great time!


The Flaming Skull! Definitely an appropriate identifying mark for anyone who came in looking for us. Big thanks to TastyBeverage who used her moron-organizer skills and experience with the LGF meetup and set it all up early.


Whether the conversation was political or not, everyone had plenty to say, and never had to look over their shoulder for an eavesdropping Obamabot.


Morons come in all shapes and sizes!!....and with beers in their hands too!


2 Responses to Moronapalooza; The Aftermath

  1. Mr. Right says:

    Thanks for organizing a fun evening!

  2. Nats says:

    I hope I can come next time!!! Come to the ‘burbs!

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