Obama supporters…secretly pro-free market?

Today I’m “live-blogging” (more like live-ranting) over at DPUD.  Please head on over and stop by to say hi. 

Anyway, I decided to stop by craigslist and see if I could possibly find tickets to the big Obama rally tonight.  I think it’d be an interesting opportunity to observe an event like this.  I mean, how often do you get to see a Presidential candidate win the race in your own city?  Or…how often do you get to see masses start a riot in the 3rd largest city in the nation?  Either way, it’s a unique opportunity.

However, after searching for Obama tickets, I was somewhat amused at seeing all the ads trying to sell tickets, some upwards of $300 PER TICKET!!  After supporting a candidate who wants to punish the rich as much as Obama does, they sure are good little capitalists.  Some people are starting to throw up their own “ads” admonishing those who are trying to sell their tickets.

Overall, I find that it’s a clear-case of hypocrisy on the side of these Obama supporters.  They’ve just spent the better part of a year (or longer in some cases) campainging and supporting a candidate who wants to help the poor.  Someone who wants to bring opportunity to those who have limiting circumstances.  Yet, they apparently have no qualms about ensuring that only those with a few hundred bucks to spare are the only ones in attendance at the Obama rally.

I think this post, scolding the people selling tickets, says it the best.

Oh the irony….

Sell your tickets to see Obama to the highest bidders…ensure that only the wealthiest most priveleged few are part of a rally for Obama…please continue to show the country that Obama supporters have not heard a word he has said…read what he has written…nor concur in his beliefs…show us you are only in it for the spectacle…show us that the wealthy will continue to get exactly what they want while everyone else goes without…despite the fact that the point of the rally is to oppose such ideology…show us that money will pervert even this…show us you will profit off something that was freely (or almost freely) given to you…show us that you are not ready for change…and do us all a favor… just skip the rally…and looking people in the eyes when you speak…after all, your actions have shown your true colors…at least stand by them.

It’s just one of those things that makes my day.

Although I’m still looking for tickets to cover the event for myself live and in-person.  Anyone out there that can help me out?


One Response to Obama supporters…secretly pro-free market?

  1. blackzaan says:

    Don’t go! I’m sure the place will be loaded with Black Panthers carrying night sticks!! Your ass will be grass.

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