A convenient burglary?

Is there such a thing?  I would never have thought there was, until I saw this report from WBZ in Boston (via Drudge).

Police are investigating a burglary at the Boston offices of the community activist group ACORN.

Boston police told WBZ Friday that three Dell laptop computers were stolen from the group’s Dorchester office around 10:15 p.m. Wednesday.

A representative from the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now said he did not know if the break-in was politically motivated, but called the timing “suspicious.”

Oh, I agree fully, these break-ins ARE awfully suspicious.  Laptop computers being stolen from an orginization being investigated by the FBI for national voter fraud?  Like the title of the article says, this seems like an actual case of a “convenient” crime.

Not that I’m a conspiracy-theory subscriber or anything, but I do find it rather interesting.  So these computers? You think they’d be something the FBI would have liked to get their hands on in order to conduct their investigation?  There couldn’t possibly be any emails or other documentation on those machines that they could use to prove the intent to commit nation-wide voter fraud is there?

I guess we’ll never know.

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