The tried and true liberal defense against criticism; play the race card.

Given enough time and effort, I could write an entire flow-diagram to tell you exactly how liberals will react in given situations. Earlier this week I posted a link to a Chicago Sun-Times columnist, Mary Mitchell. In her short article she called for the censurship of Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin. For a refresher…

Palin’s pit-bull mentality has not only set a negative tone, but a dangerous one. She should be censured.

(Emphasis mine)

Rush Limbaugh also read her short column and discussed it on his show. Fortunately, an exact transcript of what he said on his show is available, even to non-members of his site. I make a lengthy quote simply because what Mr. Limbaugh is saying is right-on.

Mary Mitchell, a wuss, wimp columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times says that Sarah Palin should be censured. She says that “Sarah Palin should apologize to the Obama campaign and the American people for her role in bringing out the worst in her supporters.” This is laughable. Come on, Mary. Grow up. This is the big leagues. How about the people in your party? I know you’re a Democrat, Mary Mitchell. You can’t deny it, all you liberal media people are Democrats. What about the incitement of this whole country that you and your fellow journalists have engaged in along with the Democrat Party? You have gendered up hate for this president. You have ginned up a despise for the US military. You have sought to convince the American people their country is worthless and sinking into an abyss. You have been doing it for six years. And you dare say Sarah Palin should be censured for bringing out the worst in her supporters. How about the worst in your readers that you bring out, Mary Mitchell?

Mitchell decided to write a very long response to Mr. Limbaugh. Not surprisingly, her entire rebuttal was an assault on Limbaugh and his “white privilege”. There’s so much here, you really should read her entire response, just to get the full experience of her hate and spite towards Rush Limbaugh.

When you step on a pig’s tail, it squeals. Rush Limbaugh is a squealer.

And why is he squealing? Because John McCain and Sarah Palin are losing ground in a contest that they thought was theirs.

And they are losing it to a black man.

Of course, Limbaugh won’t say that. Instead, on Thursday he spent his time berating me for saying Palin needs to apologize for inciting crowds that hurled racial epithets at black members of the press.

So much to cover, so much to cover, and this is only the beginning of her rant…

First off, notice the subtle backhanded insult in slyly calling Rush Limbaugh a pig. Not really all that surprising, members of the left have become masters of this. Only more recently have they completely abandoned the backhand and started using full fists to the gut.

To answer her completely idiotic question, Rush Limbaugh wasn’t “squealing” because McCain/Palin are losing, he was “squealing” because a columnist for a major newspaper in the 3rd largest city in the country blatantly called for the violation of First Amendment rights of a Vice Presidential candidate. In her defense (which she doesn’t deserve) Mary did suggest Palin apologize, but only AFTER she called for Palin to be censured. How hypocritical can you get? The members of the media are so quick to rush in accusing someone of violating their own First Amendment rights, but have absolutely no qualms about calling for the censorship of someone who doesn’t agree with them. Again, free speech for me, but not for thee.

The whole reason Mary even suggested censorship of Palin was because it was reported a couple members of the crowd at a GOP rally shouted “Kill them” when Palin referenced the media. However, Mary forgets to mention that there was no actual assault on any media members, nor anyone else in attendance at the rally. She conveniently forgets what happened to Conneticut delegates at the RNC in Minneapolis. Oh, and let’s not forget the protesters that smashed store windows and threw bottles at police during a protest as well. Those are examples of actual assault, not fictitious accounts

I start to digress…moving on.

So why would a multimillion-dollar squealer use his air time on a “wuss and a wimp?”

The reason Limbaugh is squealing like the pig he is, is because he’s the epitome of white privilege.

He can’t wrap his small mind around the fact that Barack Obama is kicking McCain’s butt in the polls.

To make matters worse, how dare a black woman ask a white woman who is on the GOP ticket to apologize for the inappropriate behavior of her supporters?

So much for keeping with the backhanded insult, Mary just flat out calls Limbaugh a pig now. Furthermore, Rush is fully aware McCain is beating Obama in the polls as he said on that same show, “We’re going to have to drag McCain across the finish line of this race”.

What’s really despicable here is Mitchell claims Rush is only complaining because of “white privilege”. Give me a break. How dare she, a member of the national media, suggest someones right to Free Speech be revoked. Mr. Limbaugh’s criticism of her has nothing to do with the color of her skin, but the words she wrote.

I’m not even through the first freaking screenfull of bullshit in Mitchell’s article.

The squealer was among the first to demand that Barack Obama (Barack, Rush, not Barry) denounce his former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, for comments deemed offensive to white people.

I repeat. Had Obama fans acted a fool the way McCain fans did, every pundit — with the squealer leading the way — would have demanded he offer some kind of apology.

You’re right Mary.  Limbaugh and others did call for Obama to denounce Wright for both his anti-american and anti-white statements. However, what they did NOT do was call for all-out censurship of the Democratic candidate. There’s a bit of a difference there. By the way, wasn’t it just the other week Obama was calling for his supporters to approach McCain supporters and “get in their face”?  Sounds like you’re following your marching orders to perfection.

I’m the “racist nutball,” but the squealer is the one who has made a fortune ridiculing black people at every opportunity.

I confess.

I don’t listen to Limbaugh. Another journalist called me and told me he was on the radio tearing me limb from limb.

What a joke. Mitchell makes the claim that Limbaugh has made his fortune “ridiculing black people” at every opportunity. Quite a claim, yet…not a shred of evidence to back it up. She does the exact maneuver that Rush first used to describe the “drive-by” media. Make some far-fetched unfounded claim, don’t back it up, move right along, the classic drive-by. I’ll expect her apology to be posted next week…or next month…or, not ever. To clarify for Mary, Rush has made a fortune expressing his opinion and political analysis on the radio. He ridicules both white, and black, democrat, and republican (Senator McCain has actually been one of his favorite targets over the years, but Mary wouldn’t know that since admittly doesn’t listen to the radio host she’s now criticizing). What makes Mitchell a complete joke is the fact that she openly states that she doesn’t listen to Limbaugh, but yet apparently has the insight into how he made his fortune. Apparently this is what passes for good media work these days. How is it this woman is still employed?

As I noted in a column I wrote in 2003 (the real source of the squeals I’m now hearing, since Limbaugh didn’t address a single issue I raised in the column he attacked), despite Limbaugh’s drug addiction, he was still allowed to return to his popular radio show.

That, my friends, is white privilege.

It’s not white privilege Mary, it’s called forgiveness. You know, that same kind of forgiveness given by the media, to Bill Clinton for lying under oath? What about the apparent forgiveness, or downright forgetting about the $90,000 bribe found in Democratic Rep. William Jefferson’s freezer ? I guess by Mitchell’s definition, it must be due to “black privilege” since he’s currently still serving in congress.

This is the kind of response we have to look forward to if Obama wins the Presidency. It’s no joke folks. Every single criticism of his policies, he speeches, his ideas, or his decisions will be met with a cry of “RRRAAAAACCCCSIMMMM!!!!”. It’s going to be a long four years, but the election isn’t over yet, and I’m not ready to give up. This is going to be a tooth-and-nail fight to the finish. Rush is right, we’re going to have to drag McCain across the finish line if he keeps refusing to really fight back.

Thankfully, we have people like Rush Limbaugh getting the message out there, and people like Mary Mitchell beclowning herself and making it apparent how in the tank the media is for the messiah.

3 Responses to The tried and true liberal defense against criticism; play the race card.

  1. blackzaan says:

    That was good, really good. You made me feel better. Well, written, keep up the good work.

  2. a. mcewen says:

    Sorry, but I gotta call you out. Limbaugh has a HISTORY of racism:

    “This is a man who once said to a black caller to his highly-rated radio show, “Take the bone out of your nose and call me back.’’ A man for whom asking, “Have you ever noticed how all composite pictures of wanted criminals resemble Jesse Jackson?’’ constitutes witty social commentary. A man who once suggested the NAACP conduct “riot rehearsal’’ and “get a liquor store and practice robberies.’’ A man who routinely played the theme from TV’s “The Jeffersons” whenever he mentioned Carol Moseley Braun, and a man whose feelings toward the black community were summed up rather neatly as follows: “They’re 12% of the population — who the hell cares?’’

    from –

    Now we all know what’s going to happen. From the safety of his studio, Limbaugh is going to launch comments at Ms. Mitchell. It’s what we expect from him.

  3. conservativeinthecity says:

    I’d like to see the full context of quotes you’re pulling from Limbaugh’s show. Earlier in this election Senator Obama had run ads pulling quotes from Mr. Limbaugh’s show that were clearly and plainly out of context. Rush has a history of using satire and parody on his show, any of these above quotes could have been taken from those segments in a similar manner. Simply quoting a single line from a radio show does not prove him a racist. Just out of curiosity, have you personally ever listened to his show? Or did you just search for “Rush Limbaugh racist” and copy-paste that tidbit from the NY Sun article?

    Furthermore, I’m very familiar with the Donovan McNabb “incident”. There was absolutely nothing wrong with what he said. He wasn’t ripping on McNabb, he was ripping on the media. To proclaim his statement as racism is a reach.

    You don’t think the media has a desire to see a black QB be successful in the NFL? What about the NFL’s “Rooney Rule” that forces teams to interview minority candidates (under penalty of a fine)? Wouldn’t you say that was a rule instituted because of the desire to see more minority head coaches in the NFL? How is it any different for the media to overrate a QB’s importance to his team simply because there was a desire to see more black QBs as members of the NFL “elite”. To this day Doug Williams is still the ONLY Black QB to win a Super Bowl. You don’t think there’s an underlying desire to see the next Doug Williams by the national media? Just look at how the papers, ESPN, and every other news broadcast was saturated with Lovie Smith and Tony Dungy being the first black head coaches in a Super Bowl.

    Back to my original point, like the title of my post says, when confronted with any sort of criticism the left reacts just like Mary Mitchell did, by calling the criticism/critic “racist”. This is exactly how any opposition to Obama’s decisions will be rebutted should he become President.

    All that being said, you still don’t find anything wrong with Mitchell’s original statement suggesting that a Vice Presidential candidate be censured??

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