Free speech for me, but not for thee…

Not even hiding it anymore.  Just plain ridiculous.  Mary Mitchell of the Sun-Times thinks Sarah Palin should be censured because a few of her supporters at a recent rally didn’t treat the media with the kindness and respect they deserve (seriously, I tried as hard as I could to type that sentence without laughing).

According to a published report in the Washington Post, Palin reporters turned on the press after she blamed the media for her inarticulate interviews. Some supporters used racial slurs, and at one point someone in the audience yelled: “Kill him.”

Palin’s pit-bull mentality has not only set a negative tone, but a dangerous one. She should be censured.

I figure she meant “supporters” instead of reporters.  Assuming this actually took place, I don’t agree or condone what the attendees of the McCain-Palin rally said, nor do I feel Gov. Palin or Senator McCain do either.  However, I would like to direct Mary Mitchell over to the DailyKos or Democratic Underground and ask her what she thinks about censurship then?

She also says what’d she’d like to see Gov. Palin do to rectify this,

Sarah Palin should apologize to the Obama campaign and the American people for her role in bringing out the worst in her supporters.

I’ll be waiting for the apology from Barack Obama for the behavior and actions of his supporters…


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