Some rumors are too ridiculous to cover…unless you’re from the left.

OK, this is seriously becoming borderline obsession/insanity.  The latest bailout bill failed in the House, legislators (especially Eric Cantor) are taking the Jewish holiday off, and there’s still a huge debate going on about the economy and what should be done about it all.  However, let your heart not be troubled folks, the Huffington post is on top of things, covering the issues that really matter.  Like speculation over whether Sarah Palin’s lipliner is really a tattoo (link via HotAir). I use the word “speculation” lightly, see for yourself.

On September 10th, Wonkette received a tip that Sarah Palin’s lipliner is a tattoo.

Date: Wed, Sep 10, 2008 at 2:59 PM
Subject: tip on Sarah Pallin

Notes: Sarah’s sister in-law owns a beauty parlor in Wasilla…apparently Sarah’s lip liner is tattooed on…not sure what to do with that one.

So although the allegation comes in a strangely cryptic email and there is no actual proof that this procedure was performed, we’ve been studying Sarah Palin’s mouth very closely (see slideshow below), and would like to put this question to the readers. Do you think Sarah Palin’s lipliner is a tattoo? Cast your vote in the poll below.

Allright, let me get this straight.  So Wonkette (the blogger attributed with this “juicy tip”) recieved a “strangely cryptic email” addressing this “issue”.  The Huffington Post adds that “there’s no actual proof that this procedure was performed…”.  Yet they find it newsworthy enough to cover and spend time “studying Sarah Palin’s mouth very closely”.

Honestly, how pathetic can you get?!?  Throughout all the campaigning, the commercials, the speeches, the records, and all the other mounds of information you can find involving Sarah Palin, somehow this unsubstantiated rumor from an anonymous source is worth delegating actual manpower to investigate? Utterly ridiculous!!  What really makes my stomach turn, is the left’s utter ignorance or simply lack of care into whether this is either A) even true, or B) worthy of covering.  Look at the poll numbers, the rampant stupidity is mind-boggling

Roughly 72% of the people who read this article are either “yeah” or “not sure”.  Seriously?!  I’m finding myself wanting to purchse one of those “word-a-day” desk calenders so I can find new words that may better express my disgust and contempt for the people behind this, because frankly, I’m out of adjectives or just too angry to think of any good ones.

How desperate and panicked do you need to be, to think that whether or not someone’s lipliner is really a tattoo is suddenly a “campaign issue”.  So what if it is?  Are you even trying to make the argument that this makes Governor Palin unworthy of the VP nomination?  Do you honestly think that this matters to readers who were otherwise undecided?  Furthermore, isn’t it an insult to independent voters to think that something like “does Sarah Palin have a lipliner tattoo” is going to swing their vote either way?  To be honest, with the way the mainstream media has gone out of their way to expose their bias and the frothing at the mouth liberal bloggers have done, I’d think that most independents are actually turned off to the liberal side of things.  Afterall, who wants to be associated with depraved idiots?

The truth is, the only people who care about these kinds of “issues” are the degenerate lefties who cackle with glee while typing away at their little keyboards, trying to think of more rumors and lies to push about Republicans and conservatives.  Simply look at the comments of the story for an example of human beings completely unhinged.  Most of them don’t blink or hesitate to throw their enthusiasm behind this “story”.  Sure, maybe a couple question the validity or necessity of this coverage, but for most, it’s pretty much become a contest of “one-upping”.  Who can come up with the funniest/most ridiculous rumor to spread about current Republican figures? Oh this is a fun game, let’s play along.

If you are seriously that delusional, that you find it worth your time to read and “investigate” these stories, I’m sorry for you.  Meanwhile, tomorrow, I’ll be putting up the results my extensive investigation into how many hairplugs Joe Biden actually has.


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