You’d be doing yourself a favor to read this

We all have thoughts, opinions, feelings, etc.  However, not many of us have the nerve (or lack of courtesy) to keep those things to ourselves.  Perhaps in your lifetime, you have found yourself sitting on the couch, enjoying a cold one (or some Val-U-Rite), and some talking-head on telelvision says something that is EXACTLY what you yourself think/feel/say.  It’s a moment of revalation, realizing you are not the only one who thinks/feels that way.

I had one of these moments while reading Moron Pundit’s “rant” over at ++undead (that’s shorthand for “doubleplusundead” for those not familiar with the moronosphere, don’t ask me what it means, I doubt they even know).  It sums up my feelings about a lot of things completely, and you’d be surpised to find that you probably have the same experience I did.

Dear America: Everything You Learned in Kindergarten is Wrong

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