Life Lessons: Don’t piss off your fan base

Anyone in a profession which involves directly interacting with your customers knows that handling those customers requires a bit of…shall we say, grace. This is a trait that personally, I don’t have.  Oh sure, I can tolerate someone’s rudeness and ignorance for a short while, but that wouldn’t fly in the customer service industry.

Politicians know this too (to some extent).  If you’re a Republican, and you’re running for office, you don’t advocate raising taxes.  That’s just pure idiocy.  The Republican base wants lower taxes, so don’t expect their vote in November if that’s your political strategy.

Apparently, Ted Wulfers never learned that lesson. Mr. Wulfers didn’t see anything potentially hazerdous about performing a verse from the hit song (in Chicago at least) “Go Cubs Go”.  In most cases, Mr. Wulfers might have been right.  He would have performed the song, gotten a few cheers, and went about business as usual.  That is unless he decided to play the song in a bar inside the stadium of the Cubs’ divisional rival, the Milwaukee Brewers, after the Cubs handed them a loss. 

“Basically I had compared this to playing ‘Free Bird’—the crowd just kept asking for it,” he said, while conceding the crowd was mostly Cubs fans.

“I understand the Brewers are trying to fight for the wild card,” Wulfers said before Milwaukee beat the Cubs on Sunday to secure a playoff spot. “I’m just kind of the guy being kicked in the backside for no reason. I’ve been a Cubs fan and a Brewers fan all my life.”

No Mr. Wulfers, you’re the guy being kicked in the backside because you were too dumb to realize that playing a rally-song for the visiting team in their opponent’s stadium might be seen as a poor decision.  Also, you should be kicked in the backside anyway for being a pansy and claiming to be both a Cubs and Brewers fan at the same time.  I’m sure Mr. Wulfers also is a huge Packers and Bears fan too, or perhaps Red Sox and Yankees fan, or Red Wings and Avalanche fan.  Nevermind, you get the point.


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