Breaking: Bar owners tuck their tails and give-in to communist decree from Daley.

I wrote last week about Mayor Daley “requesting” that bars located around both Wrigley Field and US Celluar Field stop selling alchohol after the 7th inning of baseballe games that can clinch a series.  Not only is this government butting-into how people run their private business, but the method in which Daley demanded propsed it fit right in with the “chicago politics” stereotypes.

Well they had their meeting today, and apparently the bar owners gave-in to comrade Daley’s “request”.

After meeting with city officials, a group of bar owners near Wrigley Field said today they have agreed to voluntarily cut off alcohol sales after the 7th inning of some Chicago Cubs playoff games.
And, bars participating in the cutoff would be able to resume alcohol sales after the 9th inning if a “clinch” game goes to extra innings.

The voluntary cutoff would only apply to games that could clinch a series.

(emphasis mine of course)

Ok, here’s what I don’t get.  So the bars have to cutoff their alchohol sales from the 7th inning until the end of the 9th.  Yet, if the game continues into extra innings, the bars can start selling alchohol again?  Does anyone else find this absolutely ridiculous given the reasons for the suspension of alchohol sales to begin with?

I’m assuming here that Daley wants to cut off the sales of alchohol in order to prevent drunks from getting out of hand and starting a riot in either celebration or disgust for the Cubs’/Sox’s performance.  So let’s keep fans from getting too drunk at the end of the game, because we all know it’s intoxication that causes riots, not idiotic people looking for an excuse to be a vandal.

Furthermore, the cutoff is “voluntary”.  So therefore there should be no penalty or punishment if a bar doesn’t go along with this plan.  Billy Lawless, the owner of the Irish Oak, sees right through bullshit.

“We are well capable of handling our own business,” he said. “You say it’s voluntarily, but, c’mon, it’s a directive from the city.”

Mr. Lawless, and other esteemed bartenders in Wrigleyville, I have a business idea for you.  Why not invest in large amounts of small tin buckets.  Before the end of the 7th inning, sell 6 or so beers in a bucket filled with ice and put it on the drink menu as “The 7th Inning Strech”.  Problem solved, customers happy.

Either way, this whole thing is ridiculous, and yes, even communist (see my definition in the earlier article).

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