Enough evidence to indict Blagojevich? UPDATE!!

I saw it over at IlliniPundit first, so he gets the link.

A source tells CBS 2 News Wednesday night that a team of federal agents believes it has the evidence needed to indict Governor Rod Blagojevich. Investigators believe they’ve established solid evidence of fraud and conspiracy.

However, they are not the ones who make the decision to prosecute. It’s up to U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald and the Justice Department in Washington.

Others have told CBS 2 that an indictment of Blagojevich is not imminent. No comment from the Justice Department.

I’m not quite sure where this will go.  You see a lot of rumors tossed around about indictments and evidence involving political corruption all the time.  Just look at how long the left has been chomping at the bit to impeach President Bush.  Despite all the claims of “hard evidence”, there’s been nothing.

Time to wait and see.


Guess we didn’t have to wait long to see.  I got this via UPI.com, but it’s WBBM that is reporting that the feds are saying they do indeed have enough evidence to indict Blagojevich on charges of fraud and conspiracy.

The Sun-Times has also reported that the feds are offering to cut prison time for convicted “businessman” Tony Rezko for cooperating with the investigation.

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