Chicago: STILL the least-free city in the US

Not one to leave anything to risk, Mayor Richard M. Daley made sure that Chicago retained it’s title as the “worst city for exercising personal freedom”.  Back in July, Reason magazine (a more libertarian leaning publication)  ranked the 35 most populous cities in order to find which were the best and worst cities in the aforementioned category.  Chicago took home first place by a wide margin, and now Daley wants to make sure that doesn’t change.  How?  Why by asking bars to cut-off alchohol sales after the 7th inning in games where the Sox or Cubs could win a playoff series.

Richard M. Daley: Communist.

(Now I don’t think he’s really a communist, far from it, but I’ve made it a personal mission of mine to bring that word back, and to facilitate that mission, I’m using it to describe anything I dislike.)

Honestly though? Asking bars to cutoff their alchohol in the same way that actual baseball park does?  Democrats are always supporting small business (which is 99% of Chicago bars and taverns), but yet here Daley is intent on restricting what they can and can’t sell on given days.  Notice that Daley didn’t even specify if this policy would also apply to AWAY GAMES.

How does he justify this?  What reasoning could he possibly use to convince Chicagoans that this is “ok” and perfectly reasonable?  It’s not really that hard, just go back to the old tried-and-true rationality…

Daley rejected the notion that a two-inning moratorium would hurt bars.

“You can drink as much beer for seven innings as you want,” Daley said. “It’s not going to cost them any business. They made enough money all year, I’m sorry. We’re just talking about common sense.”

They made enough money all year…  Really?  They made enough money?  Exactly how much is “enough money” there Mr. Daley? Have you looked at their revenue and profits?  I’ve worked at a bar here in Chicago as well as waited tables and bartended through college, let me tell you, a bar/tavern/restaraunt ain’t exactly a Fortune 500 company.  What’s the mayor’s salary? Let’s compare that to the owner of one of these local establishments and then see who has “made enough”.  Then he has the audacity to call this decision “common sense”?!  To me, I would think common sense would be to leave the damn bar owners and patrons alone.  You know, let them run their business the way they want to, within the limits of the law.

Common sense would be what you expect Cubs and Sox fans to use when celebrating their team’s victories.  I’m a Brewers and Tigers fan (Chicago hates me during baseball season), and as an impartial observer, the city has been a complete buzz almost the entire season.  People love the success that both the north AND southside teams are having.  Yet Mayor Buzzkill doesn’t want his city getting a black-eye on the national scene, and 44th Ward Aldermann Thomas Tunney is aware of it.

“We’ve got an election in November with a Chicagoan and an Olympic bid,” Tunney said. “A lot of eyes are on Chicago. The mayor is very sensitive, and rightfully so, about handling special events.”

Awww…he’s sensetive.  Rather then let people make their own decisions, expect them to know better, and use this “common sense” that Mayor Daley seems to have, he’ll just make decisions for them.  Being sensetive doesn’t excuse butting into private businesses and suggesting how they run things.  Oh, but don’t worry, Daley has a solution for that too.

Asked what he would tell business owners who fear a loss of business, Daley replied, “I’ll have somebody buy their place tomorrow. . . . If you’ve been drinking for five hours and you’re laying on the floor, don’t give that person another beer.”

You know, most people would consider that a threat.  I know I would.  It almost sounds like something you’d hear Al Capone say. Plus, is anyone really that suprised Daley would have friends who would actually flex their financial muscles and carry out his wishes?  I’m sure the mayor is trying to get a hold of Tony Rezko as we speak. I hear he’s pretty good at finding deals on local properties. Let’s also not forget Daley’s idiocy in mentioning that it’s a wise decision to not give someone laying on the floor another beer, because that’s a situation most bartenders aren’t required by law to know how to handle.

I’m utterly disgusted and this juvenile attempt to make his city look good.  Obviously Mayor Daley doesn’t have a lot of faith in the “progressive” city of Chicago.  I can’t really blame him.  Look at what happens in those “progressive” cities and colleges like Madison, WI (UofWisc) and Lansing, MI (Mich St.). When their teams had some success on a national scale (or it was major holiday) they celebrated by overturning cars, smashing store windows, and setting all kinds of objects on fire.  Way to move America foward there guys!

This “request”, if you can really call it when you take into account the threats to “buy their place tomorrow” or “vote their precinct dry”, is oppressive, unamerican, and yes, even communist.  It is not something the people of Chicago are going to stand for.  I’m half tempted to show up at John Barleycorn in Wrigleyville on Monday, just to shout and protest with the rest of my fellow subscribers to the Ace of Spades Lifestyle…and I’m not even a Cubs fan.

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