Liberals to America: “You’re too stupid to understand healthcare, that’s why we need to do it for you”

It’s just getting more and more ridiculous every day. The media has become so in the tank for Obama that liberals now don’t have to worry about saying what they really think. With the MSM running cover for them, they’re free to spout their elitist views and explain to the American people why their government policies are necessary. Juss sit back and lissen to Dr. Tim Johnson ‘splain it on ABC’s “Good Morning America” fo us po’ stoopid folks. Hyuk!

“The idea that individuals are going to have enough knowledge and enough savvy and enough insight and, frankly, enough guts to make choices all by themselves is pretty much a pipe dream,” Johnson said.

I’ve known that this has been a rationalization for national healthcare for years, but I’m glad that Dr. Johnson just came out and said it.  It’s the same reasoning behind lots of other liberal-supported ideas. Welfare because you’re too stupid to get a job, Social Security because you’re too stupid to save for your retirement on your own, or more recently forcing banking institutions to give lower their standards for receiving a loan because you’re too stupid to improve your credit rating. Ohh, here’s another one I thought of…the Fairness Doctrine because we’re too stupid to make up our own minds and all we do is listen to what Rush, Hannity, and O’Reilly tell us to do.

I was originally planning on highlighting McCain’s plan and going into some rough ideas of why I think it’s a better way to go (for one, it introduces competition, which is always, ALWAYS, a good thing for consumers), but I believe my readers are smart enough to read up on it themselves.

Honestly, I’m tired of the liberals portraying conservatives and Republicans as stupid and gullible. They claim that we’re all a bunch of dumb hicks who have no education by flaunting the amount of conservatives with college degrees, or by using their backhanded comments to the American people about our guns and religion. However, it does explain why they seem to feel that the rest of the world is so much more advanced and “better” than the United States of Amerikkka. We’re just full of stupid, fat, lazy, eeevil people who are just selfish and greedy. Pay no mind to the fact that this is the most free, most successful, and most powerful nation in the history of the planet.

The funniest thing about this is, and other people have picked up on this in the blogosphere and even in the MSM, it’s this sort of elitism that probably costs the Democrats the presidency time and time again. The American people aren’t dumb, we know when we’re being talked down to. Hell, even Jesse Jackson noticed it (took him a while). I don’t think many of us, especially those “swing voters” everyone is after, appreciate being told they are too dumb to take care of their own healthcare. It’s just the kind of thing that’s ignorant enough to make a person vote for an “old white dude” and sexy librarian only a heartbeat away from the Presidency…

One Response to Liberals to America: “You’re too stupid to understand healthcare, that’s why we need to do it for you”

  1. Dyke says:

    Sexy librarian that can field dress a moose. (Dream girl)

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