MTV, your new home for deep political analysis.

Many of my moronosphere co-bloggers have covered this issue already, but unlike them, I actually have a life and a job, so I’ve had to wait until this evening to write and post. So if you’ve already read enough on this issue (and I don’t blame you for feeling that way)…too bad.

Last night, I begrudgingly did what any man dreads in his life…handing over the TV remote control to a woman. I know, I know, where’s my pride?! My manhood?! Well, I also happen to be a student of diplomacy, so I had to make this bipartisan gesture in order to make for easier “negotiations” later in the evening. The
Mustache would agree with me. Maybe I’ll post about that (uni-)lateral diplomacy later (keep dreaming, pervs).

Anyway, it was unfortunate that one of the programs that had piqued the interest of my female companion just happened to be the MTV Video Music Awards. I don’t think I’ve rolled my eyes any harder than I did when she told me what she wanted to watch. I may have mentioned something about how I couldn’t understand how anyone could watch a program that was full of vapid, self-absorbed people (that pretty much undid any good-will I had created with turning over the remote control). After about 10 minutes into the show though, my statement was plainly justified.

However, my first reaction when the show started was “My God, what is that hideous thing and what is it doing on my television!?!”. Apparently it was a new species of cro-magnon man called “Russel Brand” or its lesser-known scientific name “hareeinglush ignoramus“. Apparently he’s some sort of comedian from England. During his opening monologue he began, as any skilled, original, and talented comedian will do, to make jokes about the President. Before he did though, he pleaded with the audience to vote for Barack Obama. Most of you have seen this, but I’m embedding the clip for easy reference.

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Stop emailing me, this is NOT the infamous “bigfoot video”.

Now, I understand that misinformed celebrities have been making political decisions and using their fame to promote political candidates (read: Democrats) for years and years, it’s nothing new. However, I can’t remember a time when foreign celebrities had gotten into the act. There’s several things in this short monologue that I find highly disturbing, and others feel the same way.

Here we have a foreign celebrity (he even goes as far to ensure us that he’s actually famous in England) who at first glance, appears to be a mental patient. He even confirms your suspicions by saying “My persona don’t really work without fame. Without fame, this haircut could be mistaken for mental illness”. I could go on, but let’s stop right there. I just want to make a little comment about the state of celebrity and fame in the world today. The fact that a fully grown man (famous or not) can walk around looking like that and NOT be considered a mental patient, is simply mind-boggling to me.

He assures us though he is a “representative of the global community”. I guess if one is foreign, ugly, and horribly dressed, you are fit to be a representative for the rest of the countries of the world (sounds like a good representation of several countries to me). After pleading for the audience to vote for Barack Obama he says he knows we aren’t a racist country because we allowed “that retarded cowboy fellow to be Presdient for eight years”. Brilliant work there Russell. You just insulted around 50% of the entire country. However, you’ll notice the immediate applause and cheer from the other celebutards in attendance.

Furthermore, I wonder why it is the rest of the world is so keen on us electing Barack Obama. Do they honestly think he’s the best for the country? Maybe they think Obama will extend benefits like welfare and unemployment to other countries of the world. Free checks for everyone!! At least that’s a good way to improve our popularity in the rest of the world, a goal Democrats approach with all the fervor of a teenage girl trying to win the Homecoming crown. It’s something that they so desperately want, but in the end has no usefulness whatsoever. If that’s his line of thinking, hey, I’d probably encourage people to vote for Obama too!

I will never understand why celebrities insist on supporting candidates that continuously preach about how the wealthy are corrupting the country along with promising to raise taxes for those with high income and valuable estates. Don’t celebrities fall into the category that Democrats are continually promising to punish?

Brand didn’t stop with Bush. Later in the program he felt it necessary to ridicule the Jonas Brothers for publicly showing their intent on remaining virgins until they are married by wearing “promise rings”. This idea is ridiculous to Brand. He’s curious as to why one would bother with waiting for marriage when there’s all those condoms and pills and other contraceptives to help rationalize why sex before marriage isn’t such a bad idea afterall?? Plus, if any of those methods fail to work, you can just go get an abortion! The hypocrisy here is just overwhelming since Brand himself is an admitted former sex (and drug) addict. Too much sex is bad, no sex is bad, so what exactly is “just enough”. Furthermore, let’s keep in mind the audience here. It’s not just celebrities and adults watching this show. With the ever popular Miley Cyrus in attendence, along with the Jonas Brothers giving a peformance, there’s sure to be members of their demographic (teens) tuning in to watch. So what message are you sending them now? The Jonas Brothers aren’t “cool” because they want to wait until marriage before having sex?

So let’s see…managed to insult half the population? Check. Insulted the leader of the greatest and most powerful country on the planet? Check. Ridiculed ridiculously famous musicians for having values and morals? Check. None of this should really be surprising though, afterall, MTV has other deep political analysis programming such as “The Hills” and “A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila”.

It’s just pathetic that there are people out there who were applauding and cheering Brand while he was spouting this filth. It wasn’t entertaining, it was disgusting. Hope and Change indeed. However, you didn’t need to listen to the entire monologue to figure out that these aren’t exactly the type of people you should take advice from, all you had to do was look around and see what other top political minds were in attendance.

Thanks to Slublog for the Mustache photoshop

One Response to MTV, your new home for deep political analysis.

  1. Dyke says:

    Congratulations Reffy, I believe this is the first time I have openly admitted that you have impressed me. (Just kidding, that whole senior wrestling thing was pretty impressive, except for the ass beating you eventually took in the finals. Your woman is pretty impressive too, not to mention youre a halfway decent card player and seem to be pretty good at rugby. All impressive things (sorry to hear about the knee)).

    Anyways, your dad sent me the link to your blog and I have really enjoyed reading it. You nail a lot of things on the head and add some humor in there too.

    This particular blogs was one of my favorites and I look forward to continue to read in your writings.

    Keep up the good work.

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