More cameras, more money.

It’s often that you hear Democrats and other extreme liberals accuse President Bush of turning the US into a police-state.  They claim that the Patriot Act infringed on the much debated “right” to privacy.  The funny thing is, here in Illinois, it’s the Democrats that are pushing for more “police-state” type actions.  Placing cameras on the freeway to capture speeders appears to be perfectly acceptable to them.

To make good on his offer to help Chicago combat violence, Gov. Blagojevich envisions putting speed cameras on interstates across Illinois — and using the revenue to form an “elite tactical team” that would operate in Chicago and other cities.

The Governor uses a very poor tactic of trying to link these freeway cameras with “combating violence”.  The Sun-Times even hit on the true issue in the tagline of this article, although I don’t think they realized it.  The main motivation behind this move isn’t to combat crime, it’s to raise money.  I covered the city’s decision to have cameras mounted on street-sweepers a few weeks back, this is just more of the same.  Next it will be adding cameras to interesections in order to catch jaywalkers or text-walkers.

How about instead, to follow-through with his “offer” to help Chicago combat violence, Governor Blagojevich first work to repeal the city’s ban on handguns?  It would cost little to no money (especially compared to a highway camera system), actually support the 2nd Amendment, and would immediately have an effect on crime, especially the murder rate, which last I heard had risen by an obscene 18%. We don’t need more policies in this city/state to raise money, we need more policies and proposals that actually accomplish something.

2 Responses to More cameras, more money.

  1. J.H. Bowden says:

    “The main motivation behind this move isn’t to combat crime, it’s to raise money.”


  2. Jeremy says:

    People speed right now comfortably knowing that there is a high chance they will not get caught. If you put machines in charge of catching speeders would it not be safe to assume there would be a 99.9% chance of getting caught? So i ask this, Why would anyone speed if they knew with absolute certainty that they would get a ticket?

    I see this as another typical liberal unintended consequence. If you think the state is in financial trouble now, let’s see what happens when people stop speeding altogether and it loses that revenue source.

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