We’re not in Kansas anymore…

So I had a post to put up today, but it’s been delayed as a tornado made its way through Chicago about an hour or so ago. Hopefully I’ll have it up here in a bit, but I’m working on two posts simultaneously. One for this blog, and another for a Detroit Lions blog I was asked to write (yeah, I’m a Detroit fan). I’ll put a link up to that one just for the heck of it later.

Anyway, I’ve always said I wanted to see a real-live tornado, but as things were happening today, I’ll admit, I was a bit scared. For a while there, my neighborhood was in the projected path of the thing and there was hard rain, hard wind, and literally several bolts of lighting PER SECOND. It seemed as if my apartment was surrounded by several large malfunctioning strobe lights. Kind of cool, but also kind of scary. Anyway, back to the salt mines…


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