Chicago lawmakers think you’re an idiot.

One of the things that set conservatives and liberals apart is how they view the common man.  Most conservatives, including myself, think people in general are responsible, reasonably intelligent, logical, and good-natured.  This is why it’s easy for us to identify liberals, they think exactly the opposite.  Liberals hold the opinion that the “average joe” is irresponsible, incapable of taking care of him/herself or anyone else around them, a complete idiot, and totally oblivious to anything of importance (global warming, fascist republicans, etc.).

Most people don’t notice this distinction.  They only look at what it is government wants to accomplish, and if it seems like a good idea, they’ll support it.  You may support a certain bill or law without realizing how it came about, or what it says about what lawmakers think of you.  As I mentioned before, typical liberals look down their noses at us average people. We’re too dumb to take care of ourselves, so we should just sit back and let the wiser government officials we elected to take care of things for us. I mean, that is why we elected them, isn’t it?

Several articles in the local papers yesterday and today help illustrate this point.  Apparently Chicago lawmakers have found it necessary to draft a bill that would fine anyone found crossing a roadway and texting at the same time. The RedEye even found it important enough to put on their front page this morning. Not to mention giving it the annoying title “Textually Active”.

The Illinois General Assembly bill, also known as HB 4520, was introduced in January by Rep. Ken Dunkin (D- Chicago), who then insisted: “This legislation is not laughable. On the surface it’s like, ‘Oh wow, what is this?’ But it’s becoming more and more of a common problem with people haplessly crossing an intersection and almost killing themselves.”

Under the proposed law, Illinois residents would get slapped with a misdemeanor and a $25 fine if caught using a cell phone or other wireless device while traversing streets.

That’s right, Representative Ken Dunkin thinks you’re an idiot.  He thinks that you need to be saved from your “risky behavior”.  Walking and texting could be dangerous, and you’re too dumb to know better, so we need to fine you for doing it…for your own good.  Here’s a link to the actual bill if you’re interested.  What other risky behaviors could we put a ban on next? Personally, I enjoy playing Rugby, if you know the sport, it’s obviously a risky behavior.  What about you bungie jumpers?

It’s great when Democrats try and push bills like this through.  Normally, people have a hard time seeing liberal policy for what it truly means, but thankfully Ken has made it easy.  Does he really expect everyone to agree that this is a valuable proposal? How the heck would this even be enforced? I would assume they would crack down on this in the same relentless manner the police control jaywalking.

You know what I think should happen to people who aren’t able to watch out for themselves while texting?  They should learn the hard way.  That’s the way I did things growing up, that’s the way your parents did it, and that’s the way Darwin prefers it.  But who am I to judge, I’m just a kid with a BS degree. Let’s let the real scientists share their analysis.

Text-walking involves mastering two independent skills. With the walking part, balance and posture, as involuntary actions, are controlled by the cerebellum. But years of stepping through high-traffic environments can yield hoofers wired to do many things at once, said Ofer M. Wellisch, who has conducted neuroscience research with the National Institutes of Health and is a consultant for the holistic health Web site

So now we’ve got an “official” science-guy opinion. These people get government GRANTS for this.  Honestly, and you wonder where your taxpayer money goes?  Give me a few thousand dollars and I could have typed up a memo that said “doing two things at once can be dangerous”.  At least my report is brief and easy to understand. Mastering two independent skills is now too much for our frail human brains to handle? Whatever happened to walking and chewing gum? How about patting my head and rubbing my stomach?  Wow, if I did THAT while walking, that’s a full three activities and my brain would probably explode.

If you aren’t intelligent enough to watch out for your own existence, do we really need to pass a city LAW to help preserve your life?  The trans-fat ban in California and the already existing smoking ban in Chicago aren’t any different. It’s the government butting into our lives and telling us what we can or can’t eat, what we can or can’t smoke, and what we can or can’t do while walking.  It’s the democrats that think G-dubs is so terrible for spying on international phone calls?  At least he isn’t restricting our right to MAKE phone calls.  Or only make phone calls while standing still.

Funny enough, there’s a link right below this article.  The link reads, “Chicago ranked least free city”, but can anyone be surprised when Chicago is passing laws that say you can’t cross the street and text at the same time?


NOTE: So I looked up Rep. Ken Dunkin, and wikipedia says he was born in 1984? That HAS to be a typo.  That would mean he’s only 24 and since he was a rep in 2002, he’d have been 18 at the time of his election.  Amazing if that is true.  But I wonder how he managed to graduate from Morehouse College in Atlanta while representing his district.

3 Responses to Chicago lawmakers think you’re an idiot.

  1. Dan Balanoff says:

    FLUNKIN DUNKIN! After reading the article I’m alarmed that a State Representative who’s district is facing so many serious problems is spending his time introducing such unnecessary legisltaion. It’s not laughable, it’s just plain irresponsible. Ken Dunkin should be more concerned with the children being killed on his streets and the state’s buget crisis rather than the texting habbits of Chicago’s walkers. What’s he going to take on next, J walking?!
    -Dan Balanoff

  2. Natalie says:

    Wow! So, I have to pay taxes so some jackass can devise a new plan that not only is ridiculous and unenforceable (realistically), but is ALSO going to take MORE of my money if I violate this “law?” Perhaps they should learn how to control and maintain finances instead of thinking of “new” ways to get more money out of people.

  3. blackzaan says:

    OUCH! I was reading the blog on my laptop while walking into the next room and bummed my shin on the coffee table! Dam government! There ought to be a law!

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