Apologies, Apologies

This blogging stuff is hard work.  Things are getting more settled for me in my new job.  Hopefully I’ll get back to posting next week.  There hasn’t been that much I’ve found newsworthy that other blogs haven’t covered.  Extending this hiatus until next week.  Thanks for checking in.

2 Responses to Apologies, Apologies

  1. Dear Conservative,

    I am very pleased that your little hiatus stems from the fact you are finally realizing the change I am about to bring. I am glad I have converted you to a liberal and that you have run out of rhetoric to spew.

    Please continue to post though as I’d like you to share my message of Hope with your readers.

    Peace be da journey!

  2. Natalie says:

    Ewww…..what’s up with the previous comment? I’ve never seen a conservative “run out of rhetoric to spew.” Frankly, liberals make it way too easy.

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