Redefining “most qualified”

Not like this is any real big surprise no matter where you’re from. We see this kind of behavior (more so on the local/state side than federal) all the time, almost to the point where people just aren’t even shocked or concerned. I believe this is the case here. The Cook Count board just hired a financial company to help borrow $150 million dollars.

Morgan Stanley, the New York financial giant that employs one of Mayor Daley’s nephews, has been picked to help the Cook County Board borrow $150 million to get by until the county’s 1 percent sales-tax increase starts flowing into the treasury.

It’s the first deal between the county and Morgan Stanley since the company hired William Daley Jr. — a nephew of the mayor and Cook County Commissioner John Daley — to help win business.

Again, nothing really shocking or surprising. I myself am not that enraged by it, but that also might be because I’m not privy to the entire deal and what other companies were potential suitors. Mostly I just wanted to bring this to the forefront, and maybe it’ll prove valuable when later on Morgan Stanley completely botches the entire project.

However, what I will say is, the more often things like this happen, maybe there will be more job offers out there for fellow Daley relatives. It’s a good business investment.


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