One week and counting…

Allright, it’s back to business as usual.

I have a lot of interests in my life and I like to stay busy more than sit around relaxing. Because of this, I have very busy weekends so for now, it will become typical for me to take the weekends off and not post. However, if something significant occurs or a sudden gem of a idea comes to me, I may have to rush to my computer to share it, otherwise expect new posts when Monday rolls around.

Anyway, I had an interesting and unique story I’m planning on sharing for today, but I first need to get my digital camera back up and working. It’s out of power and conveniently missing the charger. So I’m off to fix this situation and hopefully have my post up later tonight.

Oh, and congratulations to J. H. Bowden over at Chicagocon for being the first commenter here and making me feel like I’ve got an official “blog” now (at least I know someone is reading!). I’ve added him to the blogroll on the right if you want to go check him out.

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