Guess That Party!

via Ace of Spades HQ and other numerous conservative blogs.

Like other members of the moronosphere, I’ll keep track of incidents like these, you know, just in case people start reading this. What I’m talking about is basically the failure of the media to correctly identify members of the Democrat party when they are involved in “questionable” behavior or events.

Legislator James Fagan (?-MA) was on the House floor arguing against Jessica’s Law, a proposal that would put in place mandatory 20 year sentences for repeat sex offenders. He went on a mini-tirade claiming that as a defense attorney (which he is) he would mercilessly question the child victims of rape. He said he’d rip them apart, make sure that the rest of their life was ruined, that he was…well…see for yourself.

Now obviously I have a problem with what he said, however, I also have a problem with CNN and their inability to identify what party this legislator is from…

Now had that mysterious legislator been republican, it would have been a different story…


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